‘KELLE: The Power of the World’s Best Real Estate Agent in your hand, courtesy of Keller Williams’


By: Shenieka Reid- Transaction Listing Coordinator, Keller Williams Realty Jamaica.

Keller Williams Jamaica Realty is truly excited by the idea of having Artificial Intelligence (AI) ‘KELLE’ app launched in its diaspora. The fast-paced nature of our industry requires any simplicity and ease to assist our agents at hand. We can ask in-depth transaction – related questions and receive responses within seconds.

‘KELLE’, like Keller Williams Reality (KW), has been built by agents for agents to give our Real Estate Agents the feeling of security, as our personal data will remain closer to home. As a new application, we are working to share details about its capabilities and are ready to make it useful while it gathers knowledge entered into its database. Like any other form of AI app, we need to use it and ask it different questions for it to be more useful in answering Real Estate – related questions quickly.

So far, ‘KELLE’ has been receiving raving reviews from the Keller Williams Reality Real Estate Agents that have been exposed to her in the North America Markets. We’ve managed to get a feedback from a Real Estate Agent and Productivity Coach in North Carolina, Margot Weatherford, who has enjoyed her experience in working with ‘KELLE’. She states:

  “The ‘KELLE’ app has allowed me to become more efficient in my business. I can easily text my clients from the app, share a Market Snapshot of the surrounding area and easily access training resources. As a Productivity Coach and Realtor, ‘KELLE’ saves me time which makes me more effective for my clients.”

We’ve managed to research the ‘KELLE’ app and found out some of its features which will save our Real Estate Agents TIME. These features include: accessing your contacts so that you can send them messages within the app, keeping abreast of upcoming events, reminders to follow-up with referrals, the opportunity to track the how much Growth Share and or Profit Share earned for the month or even for the entire year, pull up listings in your desired area and get detailed information about the desired properties, etc. We practice Time Management here at Keller Williams Jamaica and believe that any app that will be able to help us target and reach our goals is an app worth the excitement. This highlights how effective and time efficient this app is. Some of our own agents here in Jamaica have expressed their excitement of its introduction.

Jordan Walker, Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams Jamaica: “Was thinking of hiring someone [an Assistant], but I’m excited for this one

I can walk with in my pocket.”

Terrence Williams Jr., Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams Jamaica: “Any new technology from KW, makes me happy.”

The Keller Williams Jamaica Team has been buzzing with excitement as they anxiously await their chance to put ‘KELLE’ to good use. Many of us are familiar with Artificial Intelligence applications from Apple (‘Siri’), Google (Google Assistant) and Amazon.com (‘Alexa’) and can appreciate how these applications have brought everyday tasks to the tip of the fingers, making life much simpler. The Real Estate Industry is a very aggressive one and requires prompt responses and consistency.

Our Keller Williams Jamaica Culture thrives on effective communication and its amazing how ‘KELLE’ will help us connect more with first, second, or even third time buyers and sellers. It supports our WIN-WIN approach, and it exemplifies how driven and united the Keller Williams Realty Team is worldwide. We are looking forward to rolling out this and many more new applications and tools like this one.